E. David Maxwell

Florida Attorney

Attorney E. David Maxwell has practiced law for 49 years, during which time he has remained committed to helping each client to the best of his ability. Since he graduated from the Fredric G. Levin College of Law in 1967, he has worked hard to improve his skills and knowledge. Named as a distinguished attorney by Martindale-Hubbell in 2016, his standards for his own work have remained consistently high.

Throughout the years he has helped clients with all kinds of legal problems, including personal injury and bankruptcy. He feels compassion for his clients, knowing that when people come to an attorney for help it is often at the worst times of their lives.

Legal Community

Well respected among his peers, Florida Attorney E. David Maxwell has worn many hats in the legal community. Between 1970-1972, he participated in JAG, the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps. He was admitted  to the Court of Military Appeals and the United States Supreme Countwhich deepened his respect for military personnel and other public servants like emergency responders.

Florida Attorney E. David Maxwell has served with the Orange County Bar Association and the Bar Association of the District of Columbia. As a member of the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers, he works with other attorneys to advocate for the rights of individuals in the tort process.


Florida Attorney E. David Maxwell shares his ideas and accomplishments in blogs, where he communicates important principles and advice to both attorneys and laypeople. As someone with a vast amount of experience, he has much to share in the way of warnings and direction.

Personal Injury Cases

After spending many years working in many areas of law, Florida Attorney E. David Maxwell I’d now focusing the majority of his energy and attention on personal injury cases. He feels that when people have become victims of someone else’s negligence, they need a strong advocate to guide them through the legal process and make sure their needs are met.

If you think you may have a case, you will be under no pressure to commit until you feel comfortable. Being injured, or having a loved one injured, is distressing and frightening.

Talk to someone you can trust to have your best interests in mind.  For a free, stress free evaluation of your case, you can call E. David Maxwell, Attorney at Law to learn your options.